1. All the web traffics are real People ?
Yes, we guarantee all traffics come from our distributed network.
2. How do I know someone visit my website ?
Login your account on our website, go to 'My Traffics', you will see your website traffic.
Also, you can install google analytics code to your website to monitor traffic.
3. Can I try it before purchase the services ?
Of course, after you create an account and activate it, you will get 50 traffices free.
4. Can I add several URLs to my account ?
Yes, we have no quantitative restrictions, you can add unlimited URLs if you have enough credits in your account.
5. Can I change the URLs after paid ?
Yes, you can delete the old URL, then add a new one.
6. Can I pause the traffics ?
Yes, you can pause it, your web traffics will stop. You also can restart it to continue get traffics.